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Re: Earth Quake in Pakistan: More than 30 die

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Keep in mind that a M7.9 event such as India's is capable of producing much
more damage over a substantially larger region than a M7.0 event as was Loma
Prieta or M6.7 event such as Northridge. India's earthquake probably
released over 30 times the energy released in Northridge.

California still has a considerable stock of older buildings vulnerable to
collapse not too unlike those that collapsed in India, Taiwan, and Turkey.

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> Both of them caused around 60 casulaties. Which is really amazing given
> the magnitude of both was around 7.0. It is proof that with conscientious
> engineers and owners and a decent code regulatory environment, building
> performance can be much improved.
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> Does anyone remember the death tolls for Loma Prieta (1989) and
> Northridge
> (1994)?
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