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RE: Mathcad question

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As far as I know you can only report the variables as the numeric
equivalents are calculated. In other words, you can not show the values of
You can create a text string that will report:

Q = S*L=40 <units>.
To do this you need to define the variables S and L.
Next create a Text line that reads
(where the " creates text instead of a formula)
Next create the formula
S*L= and let it calculate 40 (or whatever)
Cut and paste the entire formula S*L=40 to the end of the Text string Q=
(leaving as many spaces you would like between the = and the S).

Each time you change the value for S or L, the new resultant will show in
the string.

I believe this is called Inline formulas and you should be able to locate it
in the Mathcad help files.

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Subject: Mathcad question

We are trying to standardize calculations on Mathcad in our office. I cannot
determine how to report intermediate results, eg.

S = 20
L = 2
Q = S*L = 40

How can I get this to display:

Q = S*L = 20*2 = 40

I want Mathcad to echo print the values of the variables prior to reporting
the solution.  Does anyone know how to do this seemingly simple procedure?
Thank you.

Patrick Bachman, P.E.