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RE: Mathcad question

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If S and L are input values use with (40 as output from Mathcad)

S :=20
L :=2
Q :=S*L		Q = 40

If S and L are input prior or are calculated previously then

S = 20
L = 2
Q := S*L		Q = 40

Note the '=' shows the value and ':=' (input as ':' appostrophes not
included) defines a value.  You should note that input values must be above
or left or equations using those values...  you can also use '~' (this will
show up as an equal sign with 3 bars) to define global number... but for now
I recommend sticking with ':=' and '='

Hope that helps...
Greg Effland, P.E.

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Subject: Mathcad question

We are trying to standardize calculations on Mathcad in our office. I cannot
determine how to report intermediate results, eg.

S = 20
L = 2
Q = S*L = 40

How can I get this to display:

Q = S*L = 20*2 = 40

I want Mathcad to echo print the values of the variables prior to reporting
the solution.  Does anyone know how to do this seemingly simple procedure?
Thank you.

Patrick Bachman, P.E.