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Re: Stainless Steel

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>Q1: What thicknesses of plate are readily available for stainless steel? A 
>range from gage metal to some thickness would be good. to know
Jorgenson catalogs everything from 28 ga to 4 inches as stock. I don't 
think I'd bet the store on anything over 1/2 inch being truly off the 
shelf. You can get angles and rounds, too.

>Q2: AWS D1.1 says that the governing code for Stainless Steel is AWS D1.6 
>which I don't have available. I have a simple question as to whether or 
>not it is permissable to weld stainless to A36 plate without having to 
>perform any special preheats and the like.
'Stainless' comes in lots of flavors--presumably you're talking about 304 
or 316, which are the commonest austenitic grades. Welding is carbon 
steel is doable, but don't just try it willy-nilly--you need a procedure 
that's been qualified and a welder who's done it before. The materials 
have different coefficients of exapnsion and high local heat inputs can 
lead to trouble. You can also aggravate corrosion problems if you aren't 
careful. If your fabricator of choice has done it before, you'll be fine. 
If not, find another fabricator. Check with Lincoln for consumables and a 
procedure. Don't try welding 400 series unless you know exactly what 
you're doing or you'll end up with brittle welds. Don't try welding 303 
at all--too much sulphur. 

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