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Re: Yesterday's Comments

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Comment 1:
"We built things this way thirty years ago, why are your designs so much heavier?"
Response 1:
a. for Wood ... We'll all the old strong trees are gone and we're left with much weaker wood.
b. for Concrete and Steel: My designs follow the current code provisions which have changed significantly in the last ten years alone.

Comment 2:
"I've never seen designs like this in all my life."
Response 2:
What can I say, I'm an innovator or ... That's what they said to all the pioneering engineers throughout history... thank you very much!

Comment 3:
"This 8" retaining wall has worked for thirty years and you want to replace it with a 12" wall."
Response 3:
Soil conditions vary from site to site. 12" is the minimum based on the site characteristics.

I don't know how polite and tactful this one is, but my old boss used to say it to contractors:
"Tell ya what, when you get your stamp, you can change it to what ever you want, have a nice day  <click>"
...It was very effective.

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