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Re: Yesterday's Comments

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Comment 1.  (Look real smart) and say:  "The boundary element parameters required seeding of the section moduli."
Comment 2. "you'll be seeing it for a long time now!"
Comment 3. "They changed the code last November."

     I would let the owner know that the developer/contractor don't often do calculations and  going on 30 year old precidence is more expensive than a 12" wall (when the building official makes them remove the new 8" non-conforming wall).

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Date: Monday, January 29, 2001 6:06 PM
Subject: Yesterday's Comments

>As a young engineer, I often find my self in a situation where the owner,
>developer, or the contractor responds with some of the following:
>"We built things this way thirty years ago, why are your designs so much
>"I've never seen designs like this in all my life."
>"This 8" retaining wall has worked for thirty years and you want to replace
>it with a 12" wall."
>Does any one have a good tactful and polite answer?
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