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Re: Mathcad question

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While you are lobbying Mathsoft you might ask them to include a standard
system of units where a pound "lb" has force units.  

 Another difficulty that I have is if you implement many of the  many of
the formulas in the codes  in Mathcad, you  will find that you do not get
the right units and the correct numerical value until you add a fudge
factor.  There should be a special function that takes the  result of the 
numerical operations and assigns the desired units to the result.

Mark Gilligan

I just got an e-mail last week from the Mathsoft people (it took a long
while for them to respond) on this very topic. There isn't any way to
display intermediate results, which is too bad because this would make the
calculations very readable and easy to spot errors. The reason given to me
was that there probably wasn't enough interest in this feature to warrant
Mathsoft incorporating it. Maybe we could form a lobby to get them to
consider it!