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Re: Plywood & Mtl. Studs

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Hi Dennis and others:

1997 UBC Chapter 22  shear wall values for wood structural panels and gypsum
wallboard attached to steel wall framing are based on monotonic (wind only) and
cyclic (seismic) testing conducted by Prof. Reynaud Serrette/Santa Clara Univ.
Dept. of CE and others, and sponsored by AISI.  These tests were subsequent to
monotonic tests conducted by APA, so reflect later data, but construction
configurations are limited.

More recent cyclic load shear wall testing of wood structural panels with steel
wall framing  has been sponsored by City of LA and others, and conducted by Uof
CA - Irvine. Tests have been completed but I am not sure of the status of
analysis and reports, and intended code adoption by City of LA. Maybe Bob
Kazanjy/UCI could advise?

John Rose/APA (retired)

Structuralist wrote:

> George is correct - the 1997 UBC values represent changes to the previous
> prescriptive methods based on the values of APA's work. The testing and work
> done by Professor Reynaud Serrette identified differences in performance of
> sheathed walls. They identified a potential failure of the wall in shearing
> of the screws caused by the stiffness of the studs. To provide better
> performance, Professor Serrette reduced the stiffness of the studs - from 16
> or 18-gauge to 20-gauge and tested the walls to reach their realistic
> failure due to stud buckling.
> To the best of my knowledge, APA does not agree with the reduction in values
> that was adopted and published in the 97 UBC. I do not know what further
> testing has been done by APA that may increase the values in future code
> cycles and possibly John Rose may enlighten us.
> Serrette has also perform cyclic testing of metal stud walls using the test
> provisions established by SEAOSC and, I believe, these are represented in
> the 97 UBC.
> There is also an example of a multi-story residential design in the ICBO
> Seismic Design Manual Volume II that you may reference.
> The evolution of the work done by Professor Serrette is available in the
> LGSEA newsletters which are available to the professional community for free
> download. You may review the newsletters in PDF format at
> You can also find more links to Cold-Form Steel on the Reference pages of
> the Structuralist.Net Professional page - which includes available reference
> documents from National Steel Alliance, HUD, AISI and other sources. This is
> accessed at
> Regards,
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> Check out the 1997 UBC.  The values are now in the code.
> George Richards, P.E.
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> Subject: Plywood & Mtl. Studs
> I am sure there are "approved" values for plywood shear panels screwed onto
> metal studs.  Can anyone refer me to those values (incl. L.A. City).
> Thank you
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