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Re: Puddle Welds

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One way that this can be done, if my memory serves me correctly, is to get
a hold of a metal deck catalog.  Many metal deck catalogs, like from
Vulcraft, have tables for at least diaphram capacities for certain puddle
weld patterns (as wells other methods of attachments).  I cannot honestly
recall if they also have tables for tension as well.

Another thing to look at is Factory Mutual materials.  At a minimum, you
should look at what the minimum requirements are IF the building must be
"factory Mutual" approved (this would depend on the owner's insurance
company).  I also believe that Factory Mutual has a document that
discusses determining the appropriate weld pattern.  I remember getting my
grubby little hands on such a document (but then memory could be faulty).
If I do have the document, it is at home and I will not be able get it
until tonight.

Ultimately, you can likely go back to welding basics.  Determining the
weld capacity should be basically the same as determining the weld
capacity for welding two structural shapes together.  The only caveat
would be if the weld is stronger than the gage metal (metal deck), in
which case then the metal deck "failing" in shear/tension could be the
limiting factor.

Hope that helps,


On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Michael Zaitz wrote:

> Hello;
> What is the formula for calculating allowable shear and tension in a
> puddle weld (i.e. for attaching metal deck to joists)?  I believe it
> would be in the AISI manual or in the AWS D1.3 for sheet steel but we do
> not have a copy of either (trying to rectify this).
> Mike Zaitz