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RE: Mathcad question

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I've resisted replying to this for as long as possible but judging by the
replies I've seen it looks complicated to achieve what you want!

You can do this easily in TEDDS, simply by requesting intermediate results
as well as final.  If the variables have units TEDDS will check them too.
Also the multiplier symbol can be 'x' which looks better. All inside a
Microsoft Word document.

For more information either contact CSC or visit

Carl Taylor
CSC (NA) Ltd, Atlanta
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web site:

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From:	Pat Bachman [mailto:BachmanPM(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Monday, January 29, 2001 3:20 PM
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Subject:	Mathcad question

We are trying to standardize calculations on Mathcad in our office. I cannot
determine how to report intermediate results, eg.

S = 20
L = 2
Q = S*L = 40

How can I get this to display:

Q = S*L = 20*2 = 40

I want Mathcad to echo print the values of the variables prior to reporting
the solution.  Does anyone know how to do this seemingly simple procedure?
Thank you.

Patrick Bachman, P.E.