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Re: Concrete Cover

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Randy, the elements may be non-structural, but since concrete cover is
driven by rebar protection to corrosion, is the owner willing to have a
long-term maintenance problem?

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA

Randy Diviney wrote:
> Does section 7.7.1 of the ACI code apply to shrinkage and temperature
> reinforcement?
> I have a "frost wall slab" which occurs outside every exterior door that I
> don't consider structural in nature. These are typically 5' x 5' and poured
> on 6" of compacted crushed stone. We have been detailing them as 8" thick
> with #4 bars at 12" on center E.W. I would like to reduce this thickness to
> 4" with the same rebar but as I read the code, 5 1/2" is the minimum.
> Thanks for the help.
> Randy Diviney
> Structural Engineering Dept.
> Hayes Large Architects
> Altoona, Pa
> (814)946-0451