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Re: Yesterday's Comments

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"Mitchell J. Sklar, MBA, P.E." wrote:
> Does any one have a good tactful and polite answer?

This is sort of off on a tangent but it reminded me of a joke I read in Readers'
Digest years ago:

A man goes to the dentist for a checkup. The dentist tells him he's going to
need a dental bridge. The man asks the cost for the work. "Oh, it'll be about
$800", the dentist replies.

"WHAT!?!?" the man explodes. "Eight hundred bucks for some plastic and metal?
Man, what a racket you run here!"

The dentist excuses himself for a second, goes into a hall closet and comes back
with a "baggie" in which he had placed all the components for a dental bridge.

"I'm sorry," the dentist says humbly. "I didn't realize you wanted the
'do-it-yourself' kit. That'll only be $19.99."