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Standard Specifications

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Title: Standard Specifications

anyone out there have a set of company masters ?  wait, that's a loaded question.  let me refine my question:

suppose we adopt one of the biggies (specsintact, masterspec, etc) as our "prototype".  note that i am talking across the board (civil, arch, struct, EIM, controls, etc). i say prototype because we fully intend to revise them considerably WRT quality control measures and intend to include many systems not in the sections provided by these outside suppliers.

the real issue is:  we take a prototype, add all of our stuff and proceed to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, then whamo, the suppliers come out with revised sections that contain the lastest ASTM references, etc.  how do we systematically keep our sections as up to date as possible without committing huge personnel resources, or shall we just give up our stance and use the masters provided by the vendors more closely to "as-is" ?

i've considered delegating sections to the most qualified individual and make them responsible for annual?, biannual? update of their sections, etc. but still see it as huge task and perhaps overkill.

am i being too visionary here or is anyone else playing this game too ?

thanks in advance

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