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Re: Mathcad question

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I am not sure that I would call TEDDS a "special purpose" tool.  While I
won't claim to be an expert on TEDDS (at least not yet), from by brief
forray into it, it would appear to operate in a MathCAD like fashion, but
more friendly to an engineer.  With out a doubt, MathCAD is more powerful
when dealing with higher order math stuff.  But, for creating engineering
calculations, it would appear to be much closer to the mark.  TEDDS can be
used for ANY type of calculations (structural engineering or not).  It
does come with a bunch of pre-made "modules" to do many typical structural
engineering calculations, but you can also completely ignore the built-in
"module" and create your own calculations and calculation templates.  And
you can actually include graphics (sketches, etc) much easier than MathCAD
(or at least you will not end up with a HUGE file like MathCAD).  And,
unlike Excel, you can "see" your formulas easily.

Just some thoughts.


On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Someone else mentioned TEDDS. It sounds good, but again, the last thing I want
> is another "special purpose" tool to add to the huge collection I've bought
> already. Wouldn't it be great if we could just build our own from scrap parts?