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RE: Yesterday's Comments

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Title: RE: Yesterday's Comments

I keep a file of building failures that I have seen on the news.  If they are in the office, I dig out the file and start going through the pictures.  They get the point after the tenth picture.    This year has been a banner year, I've added 7 stories and none of them were unusual "acts of God".

I don't wish ill on anyone but I loved it when one of the local "lumber yards" roof collapse during a heavy snowfall this year.  Since they were in the industry, they did it as a do-it-yourself project.  I'm sure that they had "sealed" drawings but I also know they drew the plans, sized the trusses and had an architect thump 'em.  Their comment to the community was that was all engineers do and they had built buildings for 40+ years.  The picture of their collapsed roof is now exhibit #1.

  Get used to it.  In reality, they have no clue what we do. They are under the huge misconception that hammering nails for 30 years qualifies them to design and construct anything.  Every construction worker I've met complains about the engineer, whether they like and respect the engineer or not.

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As a young engineer, I often find my self in a situation where the owner,
developer, or the contractor responds with some of the following:

"We built things this way thirty years ago, why are your designs so much
"I've never seen designs like this in all my life."
"This 8" retaining wall has worked for thirty years and you want to replace
it with a 12" wall."