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RE: Post Tension (SAP Question)

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I realize this is off the question but ...
What is the purpose of the pt cables in the walls, i.e. are they perpendicular for slab reinforcing or are they in the plane of the wall?  If in the plane of the wall what purpose do they serve?  I believe the code (UBC) specifically limits the use of PT cables in seismic resisting elements, they can pass through, be anchored etc but should not be used to provide flexural strength in the element itself.
I am a little confused by your description of the length of each wall, its vertical projection above the top of the foundation, etc

Thank you,

Nicholas Blackburn, PE

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Subject: Post Tension (SAP Question)

I am designing a structure whose system includes Walls which act as part of the gravity system and shear wall as well. The walls act like cantilever (cantilever span is 43' , worst span). I modeled the walls as shells on the SAP 2000 however I want to locate PT cables in those cantilevered parts of the wall. My question, is there a way to introduce the PT forces to the shells in the SAP or it is only available for Frames. If so, how do I model this wall as a frame? The wall height is 55' and rests on a fdn mat on a length of only 42'. The walls total length is 104'
Thanks in advance.
Wael Shabana, P.E.