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Re: Virus in Digest Form

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I believe you would only need to scan the 25 emails a day you receive (the same thing that you suggested we do).  If you haven't received a virus, you won't be sending any out.  It's good advice.  To assume that all 15,000 members will install and keep an anti-virus program current is not realistic.

Monty Hart

Shafat Qazi wrote:


Typically viruses come as an attachment to an email. The attachment is a file that you need to manually execute or load for the virus to become effective/active. My recommendations are:

1. Do NOT open any attached files, even if it is coming from someone you trust, unless you were expecting that file.
2. Run an anti-virus software that scans your incoming email.

There are over 15,000 members subscribed to this list and on an average we get 25 email per day. That means that our server sends approximately 375,000 email every day. Running an anti-virus on a server with that kind of traffic will slow it down significantly.

Hope that helps.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.

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Subject: Virus in Digest Form

I have to agree with Paul, my fellow Canadian. I receive the list in digest
form. When I attempted to open the message, I was warned by McAfee
Virus Protection Software that the message contained the
WScript/Kak.worm virus. It gives the option to clean or delete the
message, which I promptly deleted. This has happened twice in the last
several days.

Can the "list administrator" attempt to clean out the viruses before
release of the digest form?

Steven A. Mallett, P.Eng.
Dillon Consulting Ltd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia