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FW: Knees needed! Gujarat update

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Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 8:18 AM
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Subject: Fw: Knees needed! Gujarat update

Update from India- keep praying and if you feel lead, share out of our
abundance to assist in the relief efforts! Address at bottom of the letter-
Call if I can answer any questions regarding HBI and their ministry.
God bless,
Bob Simmons

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Subject: Knees needed! Gujarat update

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine people becoming poor within hours and begging for food? Most
of the people in villages of Bhuj district are forced out of their villages
and pleading for help and food. In these remote villages no rescue team or
relief team has gone to help these people.

There is a village called Samarkiyari about 400 Kms from Ahmedabad with a
population of 10,000 which is waiting for rescue and relief team to come and
help them. Both Isac and Lamech from Hindustan Bible Institute are right now
travelling to this village to check on how can we be of help to them. It is
long journey - they started it at 10.00 a.m. and hope to reach in 6 to 8
hours. We will hear from them tonight. They are also visiting an island
called Kadir which has 13 villages and each village has about 900 - 1000
families. No one has gone to these villages to do any rescue or relief work.
Remote... unattended... uncared... humanity is struggling for survival. I will
send you more information on this by tomorrow. Please pray for Isac and
Lamech as they travel these 400 Kms in roads that are damaged and dangerous

I would also like to give you some updates on the present situation in
Gujarat, which are alarming and only brings tears. Can you pray for the
people of Gujarat particularly those who are affected by the earthquake
whenever you remember them?

· The Defense minister George Fernandes on Tuesday said that the death toll
in the state of Gujarat could be as high as a staggering 100,000. Fernandes
said even people, whose houses have not been affected, are now living in the
open and are not entering their homes for fear of more such quakes. So there
is an immediate need for tents to house all these people.

· Almost 100,000 people are still trapped in the debris in the worst
Kutch district and it's been four days the worst earthquake buried them.

· Hope for finding any more survivors are getting slimmer with every passing
hour. The Gujarat State official said the toll in Kutch region alone would
cross 30,000 as several thousands still lay buried under the debris.

· Rescue teams started losing hope of saving any more lives but continue
their fight against time and sifting through mountains of debris.  Over 80
hours have gone by since the earth quack struck the state of Gujarat, the
authorities are slowly moving on providing relief rather than continuing
rescue operations.

· An army officer said, "the bodies recovered were found in parts and beyond
identification. The strong stench is revolting but we have promised
to continue the task"

· The seismological department has warned that a medium - to high- intensity
earthquake will rock Gujarat yet again in the next few days.

· Over 50,000 people are injured and it was reported that one doctor
performed 200 surgeries in one day. Still people are in need of medical

· The army, the Air Force, the navy, private, voluntary national and
international organizations continue their relief wok in the quake hit
Two navy ships have been converted into hospitals.

· There were also reports of looting and there is hardly any law and order
enforcement in  in place. It was reported that 500 bags of grains were
from a godown. A few gangs are entering into houses where people are not
staying and ransacking entire houses.

· People are with the clothes that they were wearing at the time of the
quake. They need clothing, pots and pans, blankets and other daily

· There is a complete lack of co-ordination in entire relief operations in
Bhuj. Water and food packets are thrown randomly at the crowds, often not
reaching the people targeted. The Jubilee ground in Bhuj has become home to
sickness and death. Bodies are brought there by the hour and they lie there
unattended, covered with only a dirty sheet.

· The biggest calamity in the history of India has devastated the entire

KNEES NEEDED! Can you take the people of Gujarat to the thrown of Grace?

* Pray for Lamech and Isac as they travel to various remote villages today
and tomorrow.

* Pray for their travel mercy and safety

* Pray for wisdom as they bring recommendations on how to serve the people
Gujarat to demonstrate the love of Christ.

* Pray for the preparation relief team from HBI that they will go and serve
the people of Gujarat.

* Pray for the people who are involved in rescue work that they will not
loose heart but will continue the work.

* Pray for the relief work that is going on in Gujarat that the people who
are in need will get the relief and those who have not yet reached will be
reached to provide help.

* Pray for those who have lost their loves ones and for those who are not
certain whether their family members are alive or not.

* Pray for the medical personnel who are involved in rendering medical care
to over 50,000 people

* Pray for the salvation of these people that one day they will know the
and Saviour Jesus Christ.

* Pray for the leaders and Government officials of Gujarat that they will
evenly distribute the relief items and will involve in rehabilitation.

I want to thank you for praying and all those who sent emails assuring of
your prayers and help. We need you and your valuable prayers. If you need
further information please keep in touch with us or call our US office -
Chrystal Searcy 828-286-8317.

Together with bending knees before the Lord,

Paul R. Gupta
President & Director
HBI Global Partners
P.O. Box 245, Union Mills, NC 28167