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RE: Moment of Inertia using Autocad

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You must move the solid so that its centroid is at 0,0,0.

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Subject: Moment of Inertia using Autocad

I think this came up last year but I don't remember much ...

I am designing a concrete building with several irregular shaped
columns that sprouted from two types into about 7 or 8 types after the
architect did some thinking.

Anyway, I tried using the MASSPROP command in autocad after creating a
solid from the cross section of the columns. The answer didn't jive
with my hand calc. Then I drew a rectangle 10"x20" to see if Autocad
was working properly, made it a solid and did the MASSPROP. Again the
result was incorrect for the moment of inertia about the centroid. The
answer for Ixx should have been 6666.667 in^4 but was much higher. I
believe it has something to do with the mass portion of this
calculation and is dependent on the 3rd dimension (z dimension) or
thickness of the solid created.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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