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Postings that Require an Internet Connection

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I collect my email from the list and then read it offline.  In the past few
days, I have gotten 3 emails from the list that give me a notice that in
order to open the email I need to download something, and then it
automatically starts a connection to the internet.  It happens quickly so
that I don't get a chance to read the dialog boxes to understand what is
happening.  Not knowing what is happening, I disconnect immediately, but it
takes time to deal with the matter.

The emails on which this has happened were from Wael Shabana, Michael Bryson
and one other.  Does anyone know what this is about?  Is this an upgrade or
something that I should just let happen?  I guess that the recent numerous
incidents of viruses on the list sort of has me spooked.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer