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Internet Garbage

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I also recently got a "Snow White" message, but never looked at it.  It 
didn't come thru the listservice, however, as all my messages show headers 
and indicate where they come from.  

Roger Turk

Gerard Madden wrote:

>>I just got nailed with some lame joke about Snow White from a porn site. I 
am suspecting it came via the Listservice somehow, especially since I have 
been getting some strange behavior since that KAK virus thing happened. I use
groupwise for email so I understand that I should be affected since it only
attacks microsoft outlook, but some minor but annoying things have occured
this week.

I'm just wondering if anyone else got this trash email (full of typos and no
punchline) or if it came from somewhere else.

.... And no, I don't spend my days viewing porn on the internet. <I know what
some of you were thinking>