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RE: EOR(Kansas City Hyatt Walkway Failure)

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I would be careful about "picking" on younger engineers.  I have worked at
various places that tended to be a little more "cavilier" on the review of
shop drawings that I thought should be.  There are a lot of companies that
think that shop drawing review is a good place to "throw" young engineers.
I don't really agree with that philosophy since shop drawings are the last
"line of defense" on making sure the construction documents have been
interpretted correctly.

I realize this is less of an issue for you since you do your own shop
drawings (if I remeber correctly).  But it is an issue out this way.
While do shop drawings in house at an A/E or engineering firm might be
more prudent, there are a LOT of logistical hoops to jump through in some
areas of the country to achieve that end result.


On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Peter Higgins wrote:

> Young engineers seem to accept this state of affairs without question. It
> takes someone like Gillum to drive home the necessity of stepping back and
> recognizing what being an EOR requires. We can become complacent with this
> system because we have so few failures which kill so many at a single time.
> That doesn't excuse the system, nor ourselves for allowing it to persist.
> We can do better. Indeed, we owe it to the public and our clients to
> improve the way we communicate our designs to the builders.