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RE: "Sloshing Effects"

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Try the treads on this subjects at the following site. Look for

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	Subject:	"Sloshing Effects"

	Can someone guide me to any reference materials pertaining to
	effects of liquids in storage tanks?  UBC '97 makes mention of,
	effects of the contained fluid."  IBC 2000 (which is the code in
effect for
	my project) makes mention of, "sloshing period of the stored
liquid," and
	states that, "The tank shall be designed to resist the effects of
	Furthermore, AWWA D100-96 states, "The design of ground-supported
	flat-bottom tanks recognizes the reduction in seismic load due to
	sloshing of the contained liquid.  This design procedure is referred
to as
	the effective mass method."  There are some references in the
Appendix, but
	nothing more recent than 1984.  

	Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

	Frank Griffin
	Ft. Worth, Texas