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RE: Internet Garbage

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The snow white email I received had the sender's address on it but like all emails I receive, I can't tell if it came through seaint unless it has the disclaimer at the end The name was obviously something fake. When I used to use Microsoft Outlook, I remember that it told me something regarding via seaint. Of course, the standard seaint disclaimer at the end of the message was not there.

Interestingly, the attached file was a scipt file (.scr) which is commonly associated with Autocad. I wonder that since I posted a question regarding autocad yesterday that engaged the email to get sent to me. I can think of no other way that my email was obtained other than through the list somehow.

I will not go into detail as to the sender's name and the name of the attached script file on the list because both are inappropriate to repeat. However, If someone would like to privately email me who could alert me to any virus type cautionary steps I should take, I would appreciate that.


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