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Off Topic - Free Resources

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There have been a lot of posts in the past week regarding viruses.  Way back
on July 6, 1999, I informed all listserv readers of the availability of
InoculateIT.  This "best of breed" antivirus software from Computer
Associates is available totally free for personal use.  Recently, I upgraded
my home Internet connection from a 56K dial-up to a 1500/384K ADSL line (it
really rocks).  Consequently, security has become more of a concern.  I now
use three layers of protection, all of which are freeware (not to be
confused with shareware):
To monitor and kill virus activity, I use InoculateIT Personal Edition 5.2
from Computer Associates. <> 
To stop hacker intrusions by making my PC invisible to outsiders, while
automatically scrubbing VBS scripts from incoming email before it even
reaches the antivirus software, I use ZoneAlarm 2.1.44 from Zone Labs. <> 
To scan and remove the spyware/adware that otherwise tracks my every move, I
use Ad-Aware 4.02 from LavaSoft. <> 
My final recommendation has nothing do do with security.  To easily
establish a fast and reliable DSL connection, I ignored the software
provided by all the ISPs and instead use the wonderful freeware program from
Germany, RASPPPOE 0.95b.  This might be the most important contribution to
the world of freeware since the earliest versions of WinZip!
As the saying goes:  "The best things in life are free!"
Stan Caldwell in Dallas