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Re: Yesterday's Comments

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Actually, I like that one. Most people--even contractors--find things like this
to be very interesting (some of 'em might even occasionally watch "The Discovery

Yesterday, I found myself explaining to a young man working for an
architect-client of mine, why we had to have a continuous element taking the
roof diaphragm forces, and couldn't just count on the joist seat weld to take
them into the frame or shearwall (!!!)

The young man was just posing an honest question. So I explained to him in 500
words or less the lateral force resisting system of a building, and how it is
quite important here on the "Hurricane" Gulf Coast. He basically "didn't know
all that", and will probably be more alert in seeing these kinds of things in
the future.

I know, the contractors sometimes don't really want to "know" anything; they're
just being belligerent. But if you disarm them by drawing them into a discussion
where they might learn something "new and cool", it may just smooth it over.

victor lee wrote:
> I will point out, "you have not been
> around 500 years, and others you have known have not been around 500 years".
>   When that design event happens, we will know the truth and hopefully find
> out who was right if we survive that event.  We, structural engineers have
> to go by the design code and a code of ethics for public safety.  Conveyed
> in a polite, decent manner, the customer gets the idea.  At least that is
> what I hope.