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Re: Internet Garbage

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FWIW, I just over the last day or so finally took the plunge and upgraded my
Windows 98 system to Windows 2000 (I was just sick and tired of the program
crashes, which as often as not destabilized the entire system; there were days
when I'd have to reboot half a dozen times).

Anyway, my OLD version of Norton Antivirus would not work with Windows 2000, so
I took the opportunity to upgrade that as well. Lo and behold, when I did a
system-wide scan immediately after installing NAV 2001, it found and quarantined
several email messages in my NETSCAPE folder! They had never shown up before,
because it was the old Happy99 virus, which of course only comes out of the
woodwork when you use Outlook (which I do use, but on my BUSINESS email only).

IOW, let's be careful out there!

Gerard Madden wrote:
> I followed Bill P's advice regarding the ABUSE reply and recevied a response.
> The snow white message contains the virus W95.HYBRIS.gen