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Re: Post Tension (SAP Question)

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This cantilever wall would appear to be a deep beam, not a flexural member. In this case a conventional PT analysis using equivalent loads would not be the correct approach though the should also be checked as a flexural member to determine if deep beam or flexural action controls. You need to do a strut/tie analysis of the cantilever to determine the tension strut force required to balance the compression strut (like a corbel design) and provide the PT to carry this tension strut force using straight tendons, anchored back to the very far end of the wall away from the cantilever, in the top of the section.

Also, how are you holding down the wall at the other end away from the cantilever. It looks as if you may have an uplift problem.

At 09:07  30/01/01 +0200, you wrote:
I am designing a structure whose system includes Walls which act as part of the gravity system and shear wall as well. The walls act like cantilever (cantilever span is 43' , worst span). I modeled the walls as shells on the SAP 2000 however I want to locate PT cables in those cantilevered parts of the wall. My question, is there a way to introduce the PT forces to the shells in the SAP or it is only available for Frames. If so, how do I model this wall as a frame? The wall height is 55' and rests on a fdn mat on a length of only 42'. The walls total length is 104'
Thanks in advance.
Wael Shabana, P.E.

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