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Re: Virus inDIGESTion

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While I am ALL for EVERYONE switching to a Mac (after all I am proud to be
a Mac zealot who has admittedly gone to the "darkside" recently...only to
play games, your honor!), if the virus is in JavaScript, HTML (actually
JavaScript within the HTML), or Microsoft Macro language (ie Word macro
viruses), then the platform (Mac or Windoze) shouldn't matter IF an HTML
w/ JavaScript enabled email client is used (Outlook Express or Entourage)
or if a Word document with a virus macro is opened.  I believe those types
of viruses are cross platform.  That is unless the JavaScript virus is
written to do stuff to Windoze specific items (I believe the recent virus
would attack the registry, autoexec.bat file, etc.  However, I would guess
that a JavaScript virus could be made generic enough to affect both Mac
and Windoze systems.

I manage to avoid all that by using a pure text based email client on a
Unix box that I remotely telnet to from either my "force of good" (that
would be my Mac) or from my "machine from the darkside" (that would be my
Windoze box) or any other Internet attached computer with a telnet
program. <grin>


On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Paul Ransom wrote:

> Using a Mac doesn't hurt, either. :)