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Re: Texican code

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Thank you Stan. We are in the process of obtaining TX licensing in anticipation of a TX project. We have a long term client with projects thru-out the U.S. and they are requiring our services in Dallas. I must say, TX license application requires a bit more detail than other states including detailed descriptions of past projects. They have an exceptional web site for the application process, you can even fill out the forms on line.
Thank you for your response and your concern for the welfare of our office.
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Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 11:48 AM
Subject: RE: Texican code

In Dallas, we use the UBC.  Most of Texas is UBC, except for the Gulf Coast, which is SBC.  Richardson is a suburb just north of Dallas.  It became the first US city to adopt IBC-2000 last year.
I hope that you are already a licensed Texas PE, and that your firm has a Certification of Authority here.  Without both in hand, it is illegal under Texas law to even solicit work, much less do any.
Best regards,
Stan Caldwell in Dallas

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Subject: Texican code

This is for all you Texicans, what code is used in Dallas for commercial structures? UBC, IBC, BOCA....