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Re: Virus inDIGESTion

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>I manage to avoid all that by using a pure text based email client on a
>Unix box that I remotely telnet to from either my "force of good" (that
>would be my Mac) or from my "machine from the darkside" (that would be my
>Windoze box) or any other Internet attached computer with a telnet
>program. <grin>

Another approach (call it the hidebound old fart gambit) is using 
software with all the 'automagic' or self-executing features missing or 
disabled. I doubt it'd work with Windows, but my Mac easily uses older 
software (Claris eMailer, MSW 5.1 and Excel 4.0 among others) so macro 
viruses just sit there until I trash them.) Automagic is vastly over 

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