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Re: Yesterday's Comments

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>Or they leave, thinking, "damned engineers are overdesigning, again ..."
If contractors are anything like project managers or weld shop foremen, 
most  don't really know overdesign from over-the-rainbow. For such 
people, overdesigned means any inconvenient feature or specification. I 
can't very well tell a customer or owner, 'Seismic [fatigue, fracture, 
impact, corrosion, etc.] resistance causes me too much trouble so I'm 
leaving it out.' About the only thing left is  'Not my fault, blame the 
engineer for overdesign! Yeah, that's right, it's overdesigned!' 
(Of course this doesn't apply to any contractors project managers or weld 
shop foremen who are subscribed to this list ;->) 

OTOH, it's also fair to say that I listen very carefully when one of the 
laity tells me something is underdesigned, but that doesn't happen much 
with weld shop foremen or project managers, except when they're poking 
through wreckage. Actually, I don't really know what overdesign 
means--too much design or too little? Maybe that's your response to 
accusations of 'overdesign.' You ask the guy to explain what exactly is 
overdesigned and how. The dumb ones will hang themselves by saying 
something dumb. And people who know what they're talking about may give 
you a good idea for next time.

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