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strong axis bending of a bar

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Title: strong axis bending of a bar

Ken Peoples wrote:

>>I think this is an easy one but I haven't found it yet.  I have written in
my AISC 9th edition that the allowable bending stress of a plate bent about
its strong axis is Fb = 10,000/ (Ld/(t cubed)) <.66Fy. Anybody know where I
got this? Is it correct?  Is it in the AISC spec?  I know that .75Fy is good
for the weak axis bending.  Thanks for your help.<<

See "Steel Structures" by William McGuire,Prentice-Hall,1968.
Section 5.46 on pages 709 through 712 presents the calulations and theory for your exact problem in terms of critical buckling stress. By manipulation of the variables and assiging some factor of safety you may be able to arrive at your rule of thumb.  McGuire also reference the "Guide to Stability Design Criteria" by the Column Research Council.

This book by McGuire(Cornell University) is a very complete and helpful reference for all kinds of theoretical (and practical) steel design questions.

Frank Hartzell