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Re: Cofar metal deck

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Zachary Goswick wrote:

> ........ This cofar metal deck is an example.  Bethlehem steel joists
> are another example.  Every structural engineer will probably run
> across some product that they don't have information on (if they do
> any kind of work on existing buildings) and a website with this kind
> of information would be helpful.  I spent an couple of hours looking
> around for information on cofar steel deck which could have been
> eliminated by something like this; and if other engineers pitched in
> information, a lot of information could be available.  Any thoughts or
> ideas?

I think it would be a great idea if we could have some depository of old
manufacturer's tables that have been scanned and placed in PDF format.
I have several old joist catalogs from companies that no longer exist.
I am willing to scan them and put them into PDF format for others to