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RE: Fasteners in Fire Resistant Treated Wood (FRTW)

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If the treating company could not or did not take the time to explain to
ICBO ES why galv. nails did not apply to their chemical then why should I
take it on my back to permit them to do otherwise.  That is not to say that
they did not get a bad reviewer at ICBO but the fellows I have met there are
just like most engineers,  just trying to do the right thing by asking the
right questions and coming to rational recommendations with the data given
them.  I would not accept the "boiler plate" reason.
IMHO, George Richards, P.E.

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Subject: Fasteners in Fire Resistant Treated Wood (FRTW)

I'm working on a project where the contractor has submitted a substitution
request to use common nails in FRTW; our General Structural Notes require
corrosion- resistant fasteners.  The chemical company literature indicates
their product is non-corrosive to carbon steel, they back it up with a
single research study performed at Mississippi State.  However, the National
Evaluation Report indicates that corrosion-resistant fasteners are required
(the chemical company maintains this is a boilerplate requirement placed in
all FRTW reports but is not appropriate for their product).  The product is
D-Blaze, the chemical company is CSI; I'm interested in any experience
others have had with this product?  Many thanks in advance.
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