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Re: Three-way Reinforced Concrete Floor System

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Refer to the Concrete Engineers' Handbook by Hool and Johnson.  My edition
is 1918.  Page 461 provides an overview and pages 476 through 479 provides
the technical data - i.e. theory and some formulas.  There are some
interesting discussions by the authors of the different systems being
promoted at this time, as well as load test data.  

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates
consulting structural engineers

At 09:28 AM 2/2/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>We are in the process of evaluating an 11 story reinforced concrete
>building, constructed circa 1915.  This building was originally constructed
>for Packard automobile manufacturing.
>The floor system is a three-way reinforced concrete slab in an equilateral
>triangle configuration.  The system was apparently patented by David W.
>Morrow from Cleveland Ohio, around 1913.
>We are cutting several large openings into the slab.  Does anyone have any
>experience in evaluating this kind of slab?  We are specifically looking for
>design references.  Since it is a proprietary system, ACI has no