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Improving Shear Capacity of Existing Plywood Sheathed Shear Walls

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A  historic 100 + year-old two story wood-framed hotel building is being
rehabilitated for adaptive reuse.  A previous strengthening project of about
25 years ago included installation of 3/8 plywood shear walls.  Drawings for
the old strengthening project are available, and appear to reliably reflect
what was constructed.  The shear walls do not have capacity to satisfy
current Building Code requirements.

At locations where adding plywood to the opposite side of the wall is an
undesirable or unavailable option, is there a reasonable way to increase the
capacity of the shear wall?  For example, have there been any tests of
increasing capacity by installing a second layer of plywood over the
existing, perhaps with vertical edges at studs staggered from the existing
vertical edges, and with blocking nailed to the sole plate and top plates to
provide additional backing for edge nailing at those horizontal edges?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer