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RE: "Sloshing Effects"

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The various provisions on sloshing were developed in the context of tanks
and if you attempt to apply then to hydraulic structures that are wide the
results seem to blow up.

Some work has been done on dams but the results are somewhat dependant on
the dam geometry.  The question is, are there any recommendations on how to
deal with sloshing for wide structures where the depth of the  water is
small compared to the width of the water?

Mark Gilligan

This won't help you immediately, but in the near future the ACI website
should have the proposed ACI 350.3, "Standard Practice for the Seismic
Design of Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures" posted for public comment.
(Go to "", click on Committees, then Standardization Actions.)
won't be "official" until comments are received and reviewed for potential
revisions. I have been told that the document is currently being formatted
to be posted on the website. This document will be based on the 1994 UBC
force levels and seismic methods - once published the committee will
immediately work on an update, probably based on IBC 2000. 

The draft of the proposed ACI 350 "Code Requirements for Environmental
Engineering Concrete Structures" is also due to be posted for public

PCA is also preparing a publication to address seismic design of
liquid-containing structures, which will partly be based on ACI 350.3 but
will also discuss applicability of other codes. But this is just in draft
stages and won't be completed until 350.3 is finalized.