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No special inspection of CMU walls

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Hello Everyone,
                    I ran into this problem a year or so ago.  I was directed 
by the Engineer to core out some samples at the base of the wall(ours was a 
retaining wall with 10 feet of back fill)  We were instructed to not cut 
through the reinforcing steel.  Turns out it worked ok.  The core driller was 
experienced and could determine exactly when he hit steel.  After removing 
the cores we had a clear view of the steel and exact measurements were take.( 
Athough the plans called for the steel to be 9" from the inside face, the 3 
areas we tested had steel at 71/4",9",and couldn't find any in the 3rd area, 
possibly was shifted into next cell).  With that the Engineer said no way the 
wall would work and the lawsuit began.  To make a long story short there is 
usually a reason special inspection is missed.