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Transitions at welded splices

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When designing or inspecting welded moment joints, is a tapered transition
always required where the member thicknesses are different?
There seems to be some conflicting, or at least ambiguous, information in
AWS and AISC regarding this subject.

*AWS D1.1 Section 2.20 requires a transition for all tension butt joints
where the stress is greater than 1/3 of the allowable.

*AISC LRFD Vol.2 (pg 10-60, Fig 10-23) shows a beam moment splice.  This
splice includes a transition and seems to agree with the AWS wording.

*AISC LRFD Vol.2 (pgs 10-60 to 10-64) describes beam to column web moment
connections.  Note  3 at the bottom of page 10-65 states that transitions
need not be provided (for connections not detailed for seismic

*AISC LRFD Vol.2 (pgs 10-65 to 10-66) describes a beam to girder moment
connection.  This sections does not specifically address the issue of

Please let me hear some opinions regarding your interpretations.  Should
transitions always be provided for welded splices?  If not, what are some of
the criteria to determine what is acceptable and what is not?

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC