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RE: Perform A Chain Drag Study?

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You need to obtain:
1.	Parking Structures, Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance, and
Repair by Chrest, Smith and Bhuyan
2.	ACI 201.1R "Guide for Making a Condition Survey of Concrete in

A chain drag study is a process that is used to determine delaminations in
reinforced concrete.  I have used a series of chains suspended from an axle
with wheels and a handle.  This device can cover a lot of area in a hurry.
When a chain is dragged over a delamination, the sound is distinctly hollow.
You can then take a hammer and tap around to define the perimeter of the
delamination.  You then spray paint out the perimeter.  You should then take
a representative bay and determine the percent area of slab delamination.
This is important for determining repair costs.

If this is your first parking garage condition assessment, I would suggest
that you have your work reviewed by a seasoned parking garage repair
specialist.  Have the review done at various stages, especially in planning
the work.  There are a myriad of tests that may or may not be appropriate
depending on what you observe in the initial walk-through phase.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Perform A Chain Drag Study?
> I've been asked to evaluate an Existing Concrete Parking Garage.  Part of
> the study is to check wear on the parking surface using a Chain Drag
> Study.  Anybody know waht that is, how you do it, limiting criteria, etc?
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