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RE: Perform A Chain Drag Study?

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Title: Perform A Chain Drag Study?

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Subject: Perform A Chain Drag Study?


I've been asked to evaluate an Existing Concrete Parking Garage.  Part of the study is to check wear on the parking surface using a Chain Drag Study.  Anybody know waht that is, how you do it, limiting criteria, etc?


If you’re in the right part of PA for it, I recommend contacting Structural Preservation Systems in Baltimore, MD.  Their web site is and their phone # (410) 850-7000.  We’ve worked with them on several garage repair projects.  They are probably familiar with the chain drag test.  Also, you might want to look at the International Concrete Repair Institute’s site at; you can order related publications and find links to member organizations.

Gary Ehrlich
Meyer Consulting Engineers Corp.
Rockville, MD