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Re: COMMENTS REQUESTED: MIN. Requirements to "Certify" An ExistingBuilding Structure

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

> What I'm thinking to do is give them a letter, with my seal, but containing
> multiple disclaimers and caveats, stating that the "verification" of structural
> soundness is based on a cursory review, and recommending strongly that a full
> structural inspection be done before proceeding to convert the buildings to
> other use.
> Now, on the one hand, I have little problem stating, off the record, that these
> buildings are "okay". They were built not so very long ago, during a time when a
> building official was in residence in that particular locality, and I have
> sealed as-built drawings for the major structure.
> On the other hand, what am I really "selling" here? What are the rules in a case
> where such a transfer of property is concerned? There is no bank financing
> involved (yes, the deal is THAT good for the purchaser), simply cash exchanging
> hands. So any such requirements that would normally be stipulated by a financer
> are not applicable.


I assume your letter will state that you have seen nothing that indicates any
discernable problems are evident by visual inspection and that no physical testing
was performed. If this letter forms a part of the purchase agreement and  any
problems develops within a 3-year(?) period which would cause the purchaser to sue
the seller, then you will be involved in the lawsuit. They probably would not be
seeking any money from you but you will be out your time in depositions, etc.

                                                                        (been there
and done that, lawsuit and all)