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RE: Juno News Article

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I read the information on what Juno hopes to accomplish. This is, as was
pointed out similar to the SETI program which I have used for a while
(albeit not recently). Juno homes to switch their users over to a paid
service and in the mean time, utilize the combined power of the million plus
users machine to run number crunching algorithms for the biomedical and
research industry - including or similar to the kind of power needed to
define the DNA strain. The article did say that Juno was still going to try
and convince their current free uses to switch to the paid service. In the
mean time, they also report that the use of users processor power will be
negligible at best.

I'm not a Juno subscriber, but it does not seem to be an unreasonable
request. Juno users have already traded information for the free service.
The terms of Juno's free service is to track your internet usage - i.e. to
embed software also called "Spyware" within your computer to track your
Internet habits and relay this back to Juno. Don't misunderstand, I don't
believe that Juno, like many services, send personal information. Their
intentions are to find out which sites you frequent and offer this
information to their paid supporters who will tailor this information to
meet  your buying needs (careful if you frequent adult sites unless this is
the information you are seeking:o).

Most of us acquire "Spyware" robots on our computers over time. One of the
most popular that drives me crazy is the Comet Cursor robot. You need only
log on a site that supports Comet and without your approval, it will be
loaded to your computer. You are then hounded to download from thousands of
cursors. A cute idea, until you find out that their actual purpose is to
track your internet habits so as that their company can create statistical
studies that help to bombard you with Spam that is tailored to your clicking

There are very few rules and regulations to stop this abuse. However, there
is some free software that will identify the Spyware which may exist on your
computer. Gibson Software is beta testing their software and during the beta
test, will scan your computer for Spyware and for security leaks.

AdWare is another Freeware software that searches your hard drive for
Spyware including Comet Cursor. You can download the free version of AdWare

You can also find out more about intrusive software that is a great read for
those of us who are on full time DSL or Cable (or other fast Internet
service providers) services. If you don't have a firewall in place - either
a freeware product like Zone Alert or a commercial product such as
Symantec's Home Security, you are inviting danger.

Read more about Spyware at: and

Dennis S. Wish, PE