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Re: COMMENTS REQUESTED: MIN. Requirements to "Certify" AnExistingBuilding Structure

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Davis Parsons wrote:
> I assume your letter will state that you have seen nothing that indicates any
> discernable problems are evident by visual inspection and that no physical testing
> was performed.

Correct, and with the further statement that subsequent detailed inspection
including testing must be performed prior to conversion of the existing
structure to whatever use is anticipated.

> If this letter forms a part of the purchase agreement and  any
> problems develops within a 3-year(?) period which would cause the purchaser to sue
> the seller, then you will be involved in the lawsuit. They probably would not be
> seeking any money from you but you will be out your time in depositions, etc.

I understand. If worse comes to worst, it means a jolly claim for good ol' DPIC.