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RE: Perform A Chain Drag Study?

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It is rally a simple device.

All the parts are at Home Depot.  

1 steel rod about 4 feet long
2 bolts
2 couplers
2 wheels
6 or 8 pieces of chain about 10 inches long
2 pieces of steel bar 1/8" x 1 1/2" (for the axle to handle connection)
1 piece of wood dowel (for the handle)

Thread each end of the rod.  Run rod through the end of the pieces of chain
at equal spaces.  Tape chain lengths in position.  Bend bar into a Z shape
and drill holes into each end of bar.  Run rod through end of bar at each
end of rod.  Screw couplers on the ends of the rod.  Run bolt through the
wheel and into the coupler at each end of bar. Join the ends of bar 1/8" and
attach the dowel to use as a handle.  Send $12,000 to me for the official
oakie dokie to use this magnificent device.  (joke, $11,500 is plenty)

Paint it up, make it look sharp, and you can charge a lot more for using a
fine device like a SIDD than for a piece of chain. (grin)  It is also a lot
faster, and less back breaking.

Now you push the Sonic Induction Delamination Detector (SIDD) back and forth
across the parking deck, and listen to the beautiful sound of chain on
concrete.  When you hit a delamination the sound is distinct.  When you are
done, you can disassemble the SIDD and put it in a box.

This is not the product of innovation, it is the product of my own laziness
and effort to expedite the rather mundane field survey work.

	Harold O. Sprague

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> I agree...
> Quite a contraption...
> I'd like to see that one!
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> "Sprague, Harold O." wrote:
> > A chain drag study is a process that is used to determine delaminations
> in
> > reinforced concrete.  I have used a series of chains suspended from an
> axle
> > with wheels and a handle.
> Harold, for gosh sakes is there anything you HAVEN'T done?
> I'm almost afraid to ask, but have you climbed Mt. Everest yet?