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RE: Complexity of Code

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It is good for something, but I leave that to your imagination:o) (meant in

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I stand corrected.  I had erroneously assumed that the complexity of the
must be good
for at least something.

Gil Brock wrote:

> Dennis,
> As a concrete designer/software developer I agree entirely with you
> Many code formulae are simplifications of the more complex formula which
> actually apply, to make them easier for designers to use in hand
> calculations. Unfortunately, the simplifications often hide the meaning
> logic of the formula and make it difficult for the designer to understand
> where a formula came from or how to apply it to cases outside the norm.
> Limiting boundary conditions are quite often used in the simplification of
> the formula which severely limit the applicability of the formula but
> are often not defined in the code. So the designer does not even know the
> limitations to the formula he is using and he is not given the more
> formula to apply outside these boundaries anyway.
> The last thing a computer program needs is simplified formulae which are
> limited in their applicability as the program then has to be constrained
> terms of the the flexibility available to the user. The whole idea of
> computer software to carry out design calculations is that computers can
> solve the complex formulae that we do not normally want to attempt by hand
> and can therefore give us more accurate answers for a wider range of
> situations than can be provided by the simplified code formulae.
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