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RE. Min. Steel in Concrete Column

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Min. Steel in Concrete Column

In response to Larry Lao's question regarding the code requirements for 
minimum steel reinforcement in columns.

According to my understanding, the code permits to designer to base his 
design on an imaginiary reduced cross section, located within the 
architecturally required section, provided the reduced section has an area 
at leat equal to 50% of the actually provided area.

In the case of a 48" x 48" section, the design could be based on a section 
at least 34" x 34" in dimensions, designed to carry all the forces, and 
with a minimum of 1% reinforcement (11.56 sq in). The code would not have 
any objection, if concrete is thereafter added around the said properly 
designed column, whereby the dimensions would be increased to teh desired 
48" x 48" size.

Rizwan Mirza, P.E.
Lahore, Pakistan