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Re: Loose Bolts with DTI Washers

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    <<  Even if you put the lock washer in there, all it would be doing is
taking up space, since the pretension in the bolt would quickly overcome any
of the spring force it could provide.  >>

Perhaps I have been laboring under a misconception on this item.  My
thinking was that the split washer was not to maintain "spring force" so
much as it was to prevent rotation by one split lip "biting" the material
and the other "biting" the underside of the nut.  I can see where the
hardness of heat treated nuts would inhibit this effect and the interposing
of a hardened washer would leave a nonrestrained mating surface, but it does
look to me that the industry could develop a dimpled nut/washer combination
to achieve this "biting" effect. I can see a use for this product in cyclic
loading conditions where only a bearing type connection is required and 100
percent testing is not warranted.

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)