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Re: STAAD.Pro 2001

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Stanley_P_Johnson(--nospam--at) wrote:
> In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that the VP of New
> Technologies for the REI who makes and markets STAAD is also named Santanu
> Das.


> On the otherhand, I should say that I have had a chance to demo the latest
> STAAD Pro 2001 and the usability enhancements are quite nice.  However, I
> am still a little concernced about bugs (I had a some trouble getting my
> evaluation copy of STAAD Pro 2001 to install properly).

I called a requested an eval copy of STAAD PRO a few months ago, and they never
sent it. My assumption is that the jig is up, they know who I am, and they
aren't going to waste their time. I guess I can't really blame them; I've been a
rather outspoken critic owing to my ten years of wrestling with their product,
from Release 7 up through STAAD 2000 Rel. 3.

The problem is that some of the bugs you mention go back about eight years or

OTOH, since I started using VisualAnalysis and VisualDesign by IES, I have found
bugs in THAT product as well. The only difference is, I send in bug reports and
they fix 'em, on the fly. They have a nifty web-update tool that downloads the
latest patches. Now, it'd be great if there were no appreciable bugs at all. But
when I DO find things that don't work, I am gratified by the fact that they are
fixed QUICKLY.

Now, what is the upgrade price for STAAD PRO 2001? The upgrade for VA/VD is on
the order of $150 bucks or so per package. My recollection of STAAD is that it
is about four or five times as much. Again, I may be behind the times, and they
may indeed have become more price-competitive (and I admit that STAAD's F.E.M.
capability is a bit more sophisticated--although it took them some years to get
to that point). But I had to make a decision on what to buy based on (1)
functionality, (2) feature set, and (3) price/performance ratio, if you will.

I'm afraid that at that time, about nine months ago, STAAD just wasn't even on
my scope. I sincerely hope for the sake of their continued loyal users that they
have indeed gotten many of the kinks worked out.